How do I know what size I am?

Please see our sizing guides which are linked in each individual dress across our store. These guides explain how to take your measurements, and a size chart for you to see which size your measurements best fit. There is also the option to contact us if you are struggling to determine your size choice.

How long does it take for me to get my dress/when do I need to order?

Most brides like to shop 9-12 months before their big day, to allow ample time for ordering and alterations, but if you have a close wedding date and haven't yet found your dress, we can still help! We have sample gowns ready for purchase, or special order gowns with a rush option. Standard order time is anywhere between 4-6 months. Ordering 9-12 months ahead provides peace of mind in case there are any delays to your order, and/or if you need alterations and customizations. The sooner you get your dress, the sooner you can plan everything else around it!

Is there any way I can try on my dress before I buy it?

Absolutely! With any of our samples for purchase, or special order gowns with a try-on sample in stock, we can ship the dress(es) to you to try for a fee of $150.

Do you offer any other dresses besides the ones that are on your shop?

The dresses listed on our store are the only dresses available to buy through our online store. However, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us to enquire about a specific dress that you would like to see, and we’ll let you know what we can do for you! And of course if you want to schedule a visit to one of our boutiques, you will have access to hundreds more dresses by various other designers than are listed on A|E to Be.

What happens if my dress arrives and it doesn't fit?

Our advice when ordering is to size up to your largest measurement. The golden rule: it's easier to take in a dress than to let it out. So if you are between sizes, go with the bigger of the two. If your dress is too big, you can have it taken in. If your dress is too small, consult with a local professional seamstress (preferably with wedding gown experience) who can go over your options. One of the main reasons we recommend ordering 9-12 months before your big day is so that you have ample time for alterations.

I'm really tall/really short and I'm worried about the fit of the dress. What are my options?

The great thing about the designers we carry is that they offer different length options. Wilderly Bride often gives the option of ordering your dress 4 inches shorter than standard length (and this availability will be specified in each of our listings). Willowby and Wtoo by Watters offer four length options with the majority of their dresses: Standard, Petite, Tall and Extra Tall. Our sizing guides in each listing will show you these options, but if you're unsure when it comes to placing your order you can always get in touch with us first and we'll advise on the best option for you!

Will I need alterations?

Wedding dresses almost always require alterations to fine tune the fit to your body. We order as close to your standard size as possible, based on your bust, waist and hip, but brides often need things adjusting to make everything perfect. The cost of alterations is not included in the price of the dress.

My wedding is approaching fast and I really need a dress ASAP. Can you help me?

You bet we can! The beauty of our online store is that we have dresses to purchase as-is, for immediate delivery. Or if there's a special order gown you've fallen in love with, we can order many dresses on rush for an extra fee. There are plenty of options for close wedding dates, so don't stress! We are here to help.

Do you ship worldwide?

We currently only offer delivery within the United States. Stay tuned for more options in the future!