Stephanie Veil

Stephanie Veil

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This beautiful veil couldn't be simpler- or more breathtaking! The tulle completely encircles you, for that softly dramatic and blushing-bride effect. Flat-stitched to the comb, there is no pouf at the top and the cut edge lets the veil all but melt into the fabric of your gown. Wear the top layer forward for that classic blusher-reveal moment, or wear it back for extra float and flutter.

  • 40"/90" FOLDED MANTILLA shape. 

  • Veil is about 108" at widest point. 

  • This design has a "cut" edge which means there is no trim. 

  • Secures to your hair with a rhodium-plated metal comb.

  • Handmade in Sara Gabriel's Denver, CO studio.

Please note: All Sara Gabriel pieces are individually hand cut, stitched, set and soldered by their team of artisans when you place your order, so we can't accept returns.